VR-Magic is a web application that uses the latest technology of 360 panorama photography and delivers on your mobile handset screen/ computer screen, an immersive virtual walkthrough.

VR-Magic helps you present to your customers a whole new experience of observing your infrastructure, whether it's a hotel, showroom, villa or apartment. It can be viewed on the Internet in a 360 degree panoramic dimension, without the need of additional software or hardware.

VR-Pro is an immersive 360 (Panoramic) videos based mobile app for video walkthroughs that is compatible with VR head gears, and is operated using interactive voice commands. With VR-Pro, one can experience 360 videos with the perception of being physically present at the site of action. It has been designed keeping in mind the latest virtual reality head gears such as Samsung VR, Google Cardboard and the Oculus Rift. When you are in VR mode, interactivity is performed using motion and voice commands.

How It Works

VR-Magic & VR-Pro are DIY panoromic walkthrough and 360 live transmission apps that do not require any technical know-how or additional skills.
  • Shoot photographs with any 360 degree camera. VR-MAgic supports a whopping 8k resolution.
  • Our proprietary CMS takes the pain out of managing the content of the walkthrough. You can manage uploads of high resolution panoramic photographs, videos and products.
  • You can create hotspots and navigation waypoints to give your audience an opportunity to navigate across your property and to view the information related to key items of interest on a click.


VR-Magic has been designed and developed to give a life-like experience to a 360 panoramic view. It is applicable to the following verticals in the specified ways:

  • Architects, Interior Designers or Real Estate Developers can showcase 3D animated videos or live 360 video shoots of their sample or popular projects.
  • Factories and industrial setups can provide an interactive virtual guided tour of their factory to their clients or technicians.
  • Hotels can provide a guided tour of their property.
  • Tour operators can provide a guided tour of the holiday destination and the tour itinerary.
  • Event Organisers can provide a 360 virtual experience of their event "LIVE" to their remote viewers, imparting the viewers an experience closest to reality.

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